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Travelling and Tofu

Two of my favourite things in life are travelling and being vegan, but you’ve probably heard that combining these two things can be a struggle. Like everything though, there’s ways to make this not only possible, but easy.


  1. App up. The internet is your best friend here. There’s plenty of helpful apps such as Happy Cow, Foursquare and Trip Advisor where you can just enter your location and search “vegan” or something similar and you’ll find whatever there is around you. This is definitely the easiest way to eat vegan depending on whether or not there are any vegan (or vegan option) restaurants nearby.
  2. Learn the lingo. Learn key words in the language of wherever you’re going to help make the ordering process at restaurants a lot easier! Not all languages have a word for veganism, or even know what it is so if that fails, it’ll help to know how to say milk, eggs, meat, dairy, how to say that you don’t eat those things, and possibly even how to say that you’re allergic to those things or you don’t eat them for religious reasons as they’ll often take this more seriously than if you’re just choosing to not eat it.
  3. Meet the locals. A fantastic way to find vegan options in a new place is to head to websites such as Meetup or Couchsurfing to join vegan groups for that place and chat with other vegans. You may find that they know about secret vegan gems around the city that aren’t online. Insider info is always helpful, and who knows, you may even make some new friends!
  4. Tweak. This is pretty similar to the language point, but still deserves a mention on its own. Rather than asking somewhere if they have a vegan dish, ask for one of their non vegan dishes to be slightly changed. I’m pretty sure all vegans have done this in their own country and their own language so I know it’s possible in another! Getting a pasta dish without the meat, or combining some sides to make a full meal, nothing is out of bounds if you think outside the box.
  5. DIY. If all else fails, head to the nearest grocery store and buy things like rice, pasta, fruit, veggies, beans and whatnot. Prepare your meals wherever you’re staying before you go out and you’ll be set for the day! I know this may not be possible if you’re not staying somewhere with a small kitchen, but you could still make sandwiches, salads, or even just take a bunch of bananas and dates for quick energy boosts.


I hope this helps anyone out there to see how easy it can be to travel as a vegan! Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of thinking, or some help from Google and you’re good to go. Happy travelling!


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