love · Poem

I Know

they say
objects hold energy and memories,
that energy never gets destroyed
and everything we are carries on when we aren’t-
and for me there’s nothing more true

i know it when i place my head on my pillow,
when i lay down after a long day without you
and i can feel you there;
feel you smiling and pressing your lips to my head,
smiling just because-

just because we’re together;
no longer separated by seas,
not experiencing the grief that’s attached itself
to every plane or train that i’ve travelled on
when going somewhere you’re not

and the walls
oh my how the walls have felt a lot-
and how can i possibly say it’s all been good
when it’s there for everyone to witness,
played back in an abundance of emotion

i know it when i flick through your letters
your drawings and your notebooks,
the amount of love that flows off the pages,
love that stains my hands
like ink that never quite dried

everywhere we’ve been together
and everywhere i’ve been without you
retains our energy, our love, our memories,
everything we are and will be
and that’s how i know

i know that i’ll love you long after we leave these places,
even after the places are gone;
it’ll be in the ground we walked, ran, danced on,
in the stars we carefully observed,
in the air from the whispers of i love you

Pretty much structureless and unedited. I just really wanted to write down how I was feeling about my girlfriend and how much I love and miss her. Go easy on me, I’m tender.


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