Feminism · Poem

A Word

“Hey sexy.”
Reduce me to a word;
to nothing more than something here for you,
something you find pleasing to look at.
Assert your dominance over me;
dominance you were born with
just because you were born male,
And I, female.
Remind me that you have more of a right
to my body than I myself do.

“I just HAD to let you know that you’re beautiful.”
Take it upon yourself to validate me,
to let me know that I’m worthy
of taking up space in the universe.
Remind me that it’s wrong
to consider myself beautiful;
except when a man tells me so.
Remind me that I never fully have ownership
over my identity, my body, my existence;
that a man can always change that
with nothing more than a word.

A poem about catcalling, male entitlement and female insecurity. Hopefully clears up how fucked up catcalling is and whatnot. I threw this together as a kind of summary to my last blog post. Take back your identity from men who want to reduce you to whatever they want you to be. Your existence is amazing and you’re a wonderful human being.


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