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The Girl You Lost

18 years ago, Simone and Matt Porter went through the most horrifying thing imaginable. Their 6 month old daughter was kidnapped and never seen again. Then, years later a young woman named Grace approaches Simone claiming to be her daughter, but only days later goes missing herself. Simone becomes obsessed with Grace, and the hunt for answers takes a dark and unexpected twist.


This isn’t my first Kathryn Croft book, and it hopefully won’t be the last. After reading The Girl With No Past not too long ago, I had high hopes and expectations for The Girl You Lost. And not only did it live up to those, it completely went above and beyond what I imagined.


This book does contain a few graphic scenes that some people would be extremely disturbed by, and it took the book down a dark path I really wasn’t expecting when going into it. It adds a new sense of urgency and a new layer of unease to everything happening. And as well as this the dark, unknown narrator that sometimes chimes in adds an extremely eerie atmosphere to this already suspense filled book.


Plot twist after plot twist kept me constantly on my toes and rethinking things I thought to be true, or people I thought to be good (or bad). You’ll start to suspect everyone all at once and constantly be torn between your feelings for each character. The constant addition of new characters, as well as the unknown narrator, did leave me feeling slightly confused and overwhelmed at times but at the end everything is put out into the open and all loose ends are tied up.


Kathryn Croft managed to pack this book with every quality of a great psychological thriller, and then some. This is a fantastically sad, thrilling, engrossing and suspense filled read that I’d recommend to any lover of this genre, or anyone who can handle a book that tackles a lot of the darker sides of human nature. The Girl You Lost was absolutely captivating from start to finish.


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