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Achievement Unlocked

I recently went for a job interview. Well, three days ago actually. One question I got asked (and I’m sure a few of you have probably been asked before too) was what my biggest achievement is to date. It kind of stunned me for a second but I did feel like I had a decent answer. She then said “I know it probably won’t be something huge as you’re still only young” and I KNOW it was meant to reassure me, and it did slightly, but it mostly just made me wonder if my achievements are really anything important compared to someone a bit older and with a bit more “life experience”. I gave my answer and she seemed happy with it and the interview carried on.

It got me thinking though. I went home after the interview and couldn’t get the question out of my head. Now, yes, I tend to be one to over analyse every. single. thing…. so that’s exactly what I did. What have I achieved? Could my achievements actually be classed as achievements to other people? Do all achievements have to be huge? This last question resonated with me the most.

As someone with depression and anxiety, I genuinely consider getting out of bed to be a huge achievement some days. Then, on the other hand I moved to Italy and successfully taught two children English to a great level. Then there’s everything in between. Perfecting a dish I’ve spent a long time trying out and tweaking, checking countries off my to visit list, starting a blog, and of course the most important one; getting your eyeliner AND eyebrows perfect on the same day.

To some people, these things are no big deal. To others, they may be huge. To me, it’s my life. My interviewer meant no harm with the whole “young” statement, but I’ve come across people before who have considered other peoples achievements as “not as big” or “less important” just because they’ve achieved something more or different. And if anyone ever does this to you and makes you feel small for not achieving as much or not achieving something they’d class as “huge”, please please don’t listen to them. If you consider something an achievement, if you’re proud of yourself for ANY reason, that’s enough. Everyone achieves so much on a daily basis whether big or small and it completely differs from person to person.

Keep achieving, keep being proud of yourself, and never lose the desire to achieve whatever you want just because someone else may not think it’s important. Live your life for you and be proud of everything you do and everything you’re working towards.

And by the way, I got the job.


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