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Conscious Positivity

The power of positive thinking is truly incredible. By making the decision to see the bright side of any situation possible, you can pretty much change your life. Now I’m not about to say that it’s a cure for depression or anything like that (I get it, I have it and I’m not about to patronise you) BUT there are definitely some links between negative thinking and depression.


When it comes to negativity, that’s where you choose to see the bad side of any situation, any person, or just anything you can. You may not realise it, but from my experience this sort of thinking always starts with a choice. By going down the route of negative thinking, it can severely affect your life, whether you have depression or not. You won’t experience things with as much enjoyment and everything will be tinted with these negative thoughts and feelings.


So if negativity is a choice, positivity is too. I know people have a lot to say about the bad parts of social media and how it’s affected our generation SO badly but being on social media was where I was first truly exposed to the concept of positive thinking. I started a Twitter account dedicated to positivity and spreading that as far and wide as I could, and the amount it improved my life was ridiculous. Even though it doesn’t cure depression, for me it damn sure helped. I was at such a bad point in my life and having that Twitter, knowing there were people looking forward to my tweets and I was making peoples days a little brighter would make me happy. Even if I didn’t always believe what I was tweeting at first, it started to change my way of thinking and living.


You have to work at it everyday if you make that choice. If you’ve fallen into the habit of negative thinking, it’ll take a lot to get out of it. You have to change every negative thought to a positive one, even if you don’t necessarily believe it. Or you have to ignore the negative thoughts completely. The more you actively choose to see the positive side, the more natural it’ll eventually become. You have to train your mind to break an old habit and start a new one.


No matter what your mental health or the life you’re living, you’ll be surprised as to how much making that change can help you. And of course I’d suggest this for anyone, but I think it’s especially powerful if you suffer from depression or similar mental illnesses. It helped me with my anxiety, confidence and motivation, along with the way I went about my daily life. Even the way I spoke to people changed, and I could tell that people felt happy after talking to me. I really did feel as though everything that was happening to me was positive, whilst in the past I didn’t enjoy life at all and obviously saw the negative in everything.


I started my journey to positive thinking just over a year ago now, and the ways that my life has changed since then are unbelievable. My bad days happen less and less and I have the confidence and drive to do a lot more. It’s so easy to start! Make a decision to think only positive things about other people, or write down something positive about your day everyday. Start off small and the rest will follow faster than you realise.


No, it isn’t a solution or a quick fix for mental illness. You can’t just “pull yourself together” or “change your mind” and it’ll all be gone! But this definitely helps on the way to that. By training your mind to see the bright side, even when you don’t want to, it really will let a little ray of light shine through the gloomiest, cloudiest days, even just for a few seconds. And sometimes that’s all you need to get through it.


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