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New Year New What?

Imagine witnessing something truly horrific. Something that changes your life forever and shocks you to your core. Imagine this is something your family and friends (unknowingly) support. Imagine trying to tell them what you’ve seen, trying to help them see the truth and they just plug their ears and shout “LA LA LA”…. Well that’s kinda what being a vegan feels like.

If you’re still reading; congrats. I know a lot of people will have closed this by now, saying something like “not another one of those preachy vegans trying to force their opinions on me”. And I get it. I used to be a meat, dairy and egg consumer and I thought vegans were preachy! They were trying to tell me that a big part of my life had been a lie! That meat, dairy and eggs were actually bad for us and the environment, as well as exposing the full extent of what the animals go through.

This blog post isn’t about attacking your lifestyle, I’m just hoping you’ll see things from a vegans point of view! We don’t want people – who we know to be good, kind and caring – to unknowingly support something so evil. If you knew the truth, I know for a fact you’d be appalled. But I also know just how hard it is to face that truth.

The truth is, the meat, egg and dairy industry exploits and abuses BILLIONS of animals per year. The happier truth is that by going vegan you can save animals, the environment and yourself. Yup, yourself. It’s SO healthy! Your body will be the best it’s ever been, you’ll have mounds of energy, you can eat SO much food (always a bonus, right?) and your mental health will improve too. Since becoming vegan I’ve never felt better, and I just want everyone else to experience these feelings too! The feeling of making a difference and the feeling of being at your peak health. Although to me, the most important part of this diet is the amount of lives you’ll be saving and the fact that you won’t be supporting such a horrifying and abusive industry.

The funny thing is being called preachy, and being told I “force” my views on people. Yes I talk a lot about veganism, yes I promote vegan products, yes I share informative posts. But like I said, it’s because I care about you, about the rest of the world and about animals. And I’m sure you all do too! I want to help open your eyes.

I like a couple of vegan pages on Facebook which is nice. A place where we can share articles amongst other vegans and hopefully reach out to people to educate them! But more often than not on any vegan page, article or image you’ll find a BUNCH of the comments to be aggressive comments from meat eaters.. I find this very ironic. Isn’t it supposed to be vegans who’re “forcing their views down people’s throats”? Yet I see meat eaters commenting angry, abusive, violent comments about animals and vegans….. On a page FOR VEGANS. They’re purposely there to upset us and get a reaction.

Another thing I’ve come across is non vegans calling my food disgusting, not proper food, fussy and whatever else they think. I would never turn to a meat eater whilst they were eating and say “ew, look at that rotting animal flesh on your plate!” So what makes it acceptable for you to pass comments on my choice of food, especially when it LITERALLY ISN’T HARMING ANYONE. This isn’t all non vegans of course, but a large percentage will either be dismissive, rude, even aggressive when the topic of veganism comes up.

And this made me think.

I get that you probably scroll straight past the articles, images and videos I share. By giving them any time it may change the entire way you see life and it’ll show you the reality of what you’re supporting. Some people just REALLY don’t want to face it. They disconnect themselves from what they’re supporting. I’m really hoping that people will have more understanding towards vegans after this post and stop seeing us as something you need to attack or defend yourself from! I can only speak for myself, but I’m pretty pretty sure all that vegans are trying to do is help.

To me, it’s very important that I’m aware of what exactly I support. I don’t think it’s ok to support an industry and not know the way it actually works. Graphic videos about the meat, dairy and egg industries ARE hard to watch, of course, but if you can pay someone to do that on your behalf, and you can put that into your body, you almost have an obligation to really educate yourself on what you’re supporting. Take responsibility for your actions and your impact on the world.

At the end of this I’ll attach 2 YouTube links to the presentations that made me see truth. Informative, funny in parts and warnings before the more upsetting video clips. Whether you choose to watch them or not is your decision and I’d never force anyone into that, but please don’t be conned by the lies of the meat, dairy and egg industries any longer. Try and make this year a more ethical and healthy one! And please have more understanding for vegans. We’re just trying to help!


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