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Love and Other Stuff

Some people say love makes you do crazy things. But what IS crazy? Some (most) might say I’m crazy for leaving Barcelona to be closer to my girlfriend. To me it just makes sense.

It’s ironic. If I hadn’t met Laura I wouldn’t have moved to Barcelona. It was the inspiration and support she gave me that caused me to make that decision. And it’s for the same reason that I’ve left. I know this is a choice I won’t regret. I can imagine people thinking “But what if you two break up?” So what? Right now where I want to be is wherever she is and for me that’s enough. Moving to Barcelona could have been a great experience but if it somehow caused us to break up (distance, lack of communication due to terrible terrible Internet and phone signal, whatever else), I would probably have regretted that more than anything. But I’ll never regret choosing to be with the person I love no matter what happens in the future.

Before meeting Laura I was uninspired, unmotivated, stuck in a rut and quite negative. Then this incredible person came into my life and showed me the bright side. She wowed me with her talent and passion for what she loves, helped me realise my full potential and helped me to believe in myself. People say you need to love yourself in order to be loved but I don’t agree. Sometimes another person can help you to love yourself. They can open your eyes and make you see things about yourself you never noticed before. They can support you to do things you never thought you were capable of. They can help you to see the world in a totally different light.

I’m constantly inspired by my girlfriend. Seeing the world through her eyes via her art is something I’ll never get tired of. She sees beauty in the mundane, sees detail I would never notice and makes boring situations fun and interesting. She sees the strengths and the positives of every place, every person and every opportunity. Her mind seems like a wonderful place to be and I’m so lucky to be able to hear her thoughts and opinions on things, big or small.

I’ve travelled so much this year because of the motivation Laura has given me. Sometimes with her, sometimes without her. I got to know the world a little more and more importantly I got to know myself and what I want. After once again travelling without her I was able to see that, yes, I want to see the world but I want to see it with Laura. Some of you might think this is crazy, or stupid, or whatever. Some might not. But thanks to a certain someone I know myself now and I know this is the decision that’ll make me happier than anything else.


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